Myofascial Mystery


Q.  What is Stephen Fry talking about?


Seriously.  Those knots are cracking and clicking and seering like nobody’s business.  I’ve only had one good massage in my life (and one pretty wimpy one), and I have NEVER felt that much pain before. AND I HAVE CHRONIC PAIN.  Which has got me thinking…

Is it possible my vulvodynia is somehow caused by muscle tension in the pelvic floor?

I’ve done a bit of Googling and it does seem possible…  Only thing is, I’ve had Botox and it wasn’t effective in getting rid of the pain, leading a specialist to conclude it’s a problem with nerves, not muscle.  (I’ll tell you the full story some other time!) I’ve been referred for physiotherapy but there’s no sign of an emerging appointment any time soon.

Have any of you got experience with muscular knots or tight pelvic floors?

In the meantime, if anyone’s got a knack, my shoulders realllllly could do with a bit of TLC…


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