1/10/15: THANKFUL THURSDAY (a day late!)

  1. Tertiary referral.  I have finally been referred to another specialist, this time in London. I am hopefully looking forward to seeing if he can shed any new light on this debilitating condition. This is all thanks to…
  2. My pain specialist. I am convinced she is an angel from the heavens. She took care of my Dad’s pain management after his cancer surgery and she is so knowledgeable. She never makes you feel like a number, she is empathetic and caring, demonstrated by the fact that she always remembers little details… ‘And you quit your waitressing job, didn’t you?’ (THANK THE LORD I DID, YES) – ‘And you’re still planning to go back to finish your studies in January?’ (I VERY MUCH HOPE SO) – ‘How is your Dad doing?’ (PRETTY MUCH A FULL RECOVERY, PRAISE GOD). She is a wonderful doctor and a beautiful lady.
  3. Job prospects.I am absolutely thrilled to report I have been accepted onto the books of a copywriting agency, meaning I am now officially a freelance writer! This is overwhelmingly encouraging on several levels: not only is it tantamount to hearing someone with authority affirming I can actually write well enough to be paid for it, it is a job I can do part-time, from home, meaning I can even earn money while flared up in bed. Flashback to last week when I was desperately wondering how I was ever going to be able to make a living, and you’ll get a glimpse of how much of a fantastically big deal this is as far as I’m concerned!
  4. Facebook groups. I have recently joined a number of vulvodynia and pudendal neuralgia Facebook groups and am finding them hugely encouraging. It is wonderfully liberating to talk with others who are suffering in a safe space, and even having the opportunity to share a few lessons I’ve learned along the way about medication and pain management. My heart oozes love for all these women who are exhausted, frightened, and often downright angry about the struggles they are subjected to each day by this unrelenting ailment. I am considering how I can be a better advocate for invisible illnesses, especially embarrassing ones that take place in your Unmentionable Area. On that note: F*** UNMENTIONABLE. It’s a vagina, not Lord Voldemort.
  5. My cat. I have recently acquired a live, breathing, furry teddybear to cuddle at night. My parents have decided she should be allowed upstairs because it is so therapeutic and lovely for me when I am in pain. Her little fuzzy face lights up my life. Sad, but true. Just call me Crazy Cat Lady. If you want me, I’ll be in bed with bae.

What are you thankful for?  Take the Gratitude Challenge!

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