8/10/15 – Thankful Thursday

  1. Friends. I know I’ve used this one before but I am so grateful for my unbelievable friends. This week I have had the joy of seeing two of my best friends. Coffee, Carling, bowling (not all at once)… What incredible support they are. My best friend rang this week too and we had a great chat. Emotionally it has been such a difficult week; the sort of week where you really need hugs and handholds. I’m so blessed to have been able to have them.
  2. My faith. It’s not always easy to maintain faith in a loving God when you’re racked with pain. This weekend I spent some time amongst a group of people seeking comfort and guidance. I deeply respect they way they are conducting their own personal searches; however, it made me really grateful to have been raised with a strong faith in the Christian God of love. Seeing their genuine searching has reignited my curiosity and gratitude for my relationship with the Almighty. I choose to put my trust in Him afresh, and in His perfect timing. As hard as that may be…
  3. Pinterest. I mean, it’s a personalized magazine that NEVER ENDS! I love the constant stream of creative inspiration I have been accessing thanks to the Pinterest app. My board themes include dream spaces, motivating quotes and ‘librarian chic’ fashion. Bliss.
  4. New Girl. Hilarious, quirky, and makes me feel normal. I’ve laughed out loud at so many episodes (Nick cracks me up!) which is pretty rare for me. Currently on Series 2 so no spoilers please!
  5. My onesie. Definitely enhances the New Girl experience. It’s like a hug you can wear.


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