It’s going to be a bit more difficult this week, as my pain levels are way way up; I’m struggling to make any headway with my medication, and I am generally feeling pretty desolate.  BUT there is always something to be grateful for!  Here are my 5:

  1. Twitter. This week I connected with the fantastic writer Mara Altman (whose memoir, Thanks for Coming, I have just finished reading, and loved every minute). I also had a lovely thrill when Josh Radnor, star of How I Met Your Mother, favourited my Tweet about his film, Liberal Arts. It really is a gorgeous, heartwarming film (featuring lots of gorgeous books!), and I’m chuffed he let me know that he saw my comment on how much I enjoyed it!
  2. Good books. I am juggling a few at the moment: I devoured Thanks for Coming (see above) as research for my novel, I’m halfway through The Taxidermist’s Daughter, and I’m listening to The Hobbit on audiobook. Last week I also finished Yes Please! by Amy Poehler*, which was a great empowering read about how women shouldn’t apologise for pursuing their skills, especially if they’re in a male-dominated environment. I could include so many tasty quotes here, but I won’t. I recommend you read it for yourself though!
  3. Mulled wine tea from Whittards. Like hot Ribena, but better.
  4. Nice smelling candles. One of the best things about Autumn. Cinnamon in the living room, vanilla in the bedroom, berry in the writing shed…
  5. Clean, hot water on tap (literally!). It’s so easy to take the basics for granted. I know there are some spoonies out there who struggle to even have a pain-free shower, but I’m blessed that showers and baths are some of my only opportunities for respite and relaxation. The pain is 24/7 but hot water seems to diffuse the sensation and helps me breathe slower. Thank you, God, that I can enjoy clean running water. May everyone enjoy this soon soon soon.

Wishing you all a lovely relaxing weekend, and plenty of spoons for the week ahead xxx

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