If Only the Doctor Would See Me Now

Do you ever wish you could just be admitted to hospital? Not for anything urgent or life-threatening… But wouldn’t it be great if you were able to say, ‘Credit to myself, I have kept going for longer than I thought I could, but I cannot live like this for one. more. day,‘ and you up and admit yourself to your local Fix Factory?

I Got 99 Problems

With acute pain, you know why it’s there: it’s the body saying, ‘Ouch, don’t do that again!’ or ‘Right, don’t move this bit, I’m trying to fix it.’ Chronic pain is brutal in its complete and utter uselessness, and it makes you feel useless too.

NaNoWri Mo: Day 9

Before I proceeded any further, I had to go over my protagonist’s timeline to get a sense of what was happening when. As any first-time writer would, I have structured my story as a series of fragments, not in chronological order. Because of course, when you’re embarking on your first novel, you should always try and make it as difficult for yourself as possible.

NaNoWriMo: Day 2

A high pain day has kept me in bed today, but the good thing about being a writer is you can do it from anywhere! Today I did some of my first from-scratch writing, which has proved exciting because I’m watching the characters pop up in front of me, seemingly without planning.