NaNoWriMo: Day 2

Today’s word count: 3,580.

Total word count so far: 7,223.


A high pain day has kept me in bed today, but the good thing about being a writer is you can do it from anywhere! Today I did some of my first from-scratch writing, which has proved exciting because I’m watching the characters pop up in front of me, seemingly without planning. Although, of course, you never know the extent of how helpful your planning has been in fleshing out that fictional world! I wasted a little bit of time working out my character’s Tube route, which ideally would have been sorted before the writing process started, but having a few holes in the planning may allow for greater creative wiggle room – or so I’m telling myself.

One key theme that is emerging is modern-day feminism: unsurprising given a) how much feminist literature I read, and b) the central conceit of this novel revolves around what happens to a woman when her vagina turns against her. As such, the novel is addressing one experience of what it means to be a woman. I am really keen to explore the myriad pressures placed on the modern woman, too… Watch this space!

I hope everyone’s NaNoWriMo endeavours are going well so far!

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