NaNoWri Mo: Day 9

Today’s word count: 2,091

Total word count so far: 17,002


Before I proceeded any further, I had to go over my protagonist’s timeline to get a sense of what was happening when. As any first-time writer would, I have structured my story as a series of fragments, not in chronological order. Because of course, when you’re embarking on your first novel, you should always try and make it as difficult for yourself as possible. I have to keep track of lots of little details, like how old she is, whether she’s married yet, how far along she is with her treatment, etc. It’s a bit of a minefield without a visual reminder. So today I converted my hand-drawn timeline (spanning five sheets of A4) to a nifty, highly detailed document on Scrivener, so I can keep referring to it mid-flow.

The chapter I wrote today felt a little more vulnerable than the others have done so far, which was as it should be, given the subject matter.  I was really enjoying myself describing London at Christmas time, completely transporting myself to the fairy-lighted hustle and bustle of the city… Then the emotional climax hit, and I felt it so consumingly I felt a bit sad. I thought I’d got over it, but then I watched the latest episode of Downton Abbey with my Mum and I cried, which was surprising even for me! Anyone have any tips on how to leave your writing at your desk and not ‘take your work with you’?

Looking forward to another 2,100+ words tomorrow!

Rosie x

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