NaNoWriMo Day 15 + Health Update

Total word count: 24,619

After a triumphant start to the week, my word count has fallen significantly behind my goal projection (still 3,000 words short).

Trying to write when you’re in a flare:


There are several fairly legit reasons for my flagging.  I had my first PHYSIOTHERAPY (can I get an Amen?!?) on Thursday, which was a really positive experience albeit completely bizarre…  Due to the nature of my pain, any physio I receive is obviously going to be somewhat, er… intimate.  Seriously: I had about a two-minute conversation with my physiotherapist while her finger was just casually in my vagina.  That’s how I roll now, apparently.  She told me I have some tightness in the muscles near the entrance, which is as I expected, but also some ‘adhesions’ where the fascia has sort of knotted – just like I predicted in my first blog post!  Whilst it wasn’t as painful as I had anticipated at the time, I really suffered for it the next day.  I’m going to be going to her for internal massage about once a month, I believe, while I work at home with pelvic floor relaxation, diaphragmatic breathing, and dilators.  For a girl who used to try to ignore my anatomy at all costs, this is somewhat of a change of heart, as you can well imagine (but please don’t).

Another possible reason is that I think the Dihydrocodeine Continuus (slow-release) is starting to accumulate in my system.  Whilst my pain is slightly less severe, the main reason I suspect this is because I am drowsy all the live-long day.  I feel about three blinks from sleep at any moment, which is making writing doubly difficult.  Hoping I can manage to keep functioning ok, otherwise it’s back to the pain specialist to ask for my drugs to be tweaked yet again.  To be honest, I think we’re rather running out of options…

In other news, I missed Thankful Thursday again!  I’m a terror…  Here is my belated 5:

  1. Colouring books: stress relief that makes you feel like you’re eight years old again. The dream!
  2. (especially the acoustic instrumental playlists – great for writing background music)
  3. Cat gifs: guaranteed to make you smile no matter how bad you feel.
  4. Singing: what a joy and a peaceful release of stress.
  5. The NHS: Although admittedly it has been quite a long wait, I am not having to pay to see the physiotherapist privately.  This is a huge blessing as my need for physiotherapy rather precludes my employability at the moment…

Hoping to hit 27,000 words by the end of tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Rosie x

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