If Only the Doctor Would See Me Now

Do you ever wish you could just be admitted to hospital? Not for anything urgent or life-threatening… But wouldn’t it be great if you were able to say, ‘Credit to myself, I have kept going for longer than I thought I could, but I cannot live like this for one. more. day,‘ and you up and admit yourself to your local Fix Factory?

I Got 99 Problems

With acute pain, you know why it’s there: it’s the body saying, ‘Ouch, don’t do that again!’ or ‘Right, don’t move this bit, I’m trying to fix it.’ Chronic pain is brutal in its complete and utter uselessness, and it makes you feel useless too.

Bright Lights, Big City

The doctor made a point of telling me he didn’t want to cause any more pain than was absolutely necessary. Which, to a chronic pain sufferer, is always one of the nicest things you could wish to hear from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Especially when your knees are spread and your knickers are halfway across the room.