The Quest for a Cure

More often than not, we chronic pain warriors have another huge fight on our hands: getting the right treatment. It’s a long old slog. Like Frodo on his perilous quest, the path is twisted and arduous, and you’ve usually got one dim-witted friend dragging you back pining about potatoes, a slimy little creature intermittently spitting venom at you, and a whole host of characters to meet before you get one treatment to cure them all. 

I’m scared.

All my life, I have never feared being creative. As a woman and now as a resigned member of the disabled community, I am passionate about rights, and standing up for those to weak to fight for them. Sadly, in recent years I have joined their number - after so many months of fighting just to make it through a day without contorting into the foetal position, I have become too tired to feel in any way effective.